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Hotel accomodation in Ternate town

01.Alfa Mas Hotel
Jl. Al Khairat
No Telepon: (0924) 21543

02. Aneka Baru Hotel
Jl. Ketilang
No Telepon: (0921) 21262

03.Borneo Indah Hotel
Jl. Taman Abang
No Telepon: (0927) 21027

04.Chrysant Hotel
Jl. Ahmad Yani
No Telepon: (0921) 21580

05.Ternate City Hotel
Jl. Nuku
No Telepon: (0921) 22666

06. Neraca Hotel
Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi
No Telepon: (0921) 22534

Jl. Salim Fabanyo
No Telepon: (0921) 21139

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