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USA - 6/25/2009 3:46:09 PM

Posted By : Blake Langdon

5 Days / 4Nites Baliem Valley Exclusive
03 / 07 June,2009

Dear Benny,
Thank you so much for organizing a wonderful trekking trip for us in the Baliem Valley. The service by your team was friendly and well organized. We loved the beautiful mountains, rivers, and people of Papua and really appreciated the cultural experiences such as watching sweet potato cooking, seeing a mummy, participating in a traditional ceremony, and of course sleeping in huts. Thanks again for your help and services.

Best wishes,
Blake & Kerry [More . . ]


Poland - 9/9/2008 8:59:40 PM

Posted By : Maciek & Darek

07 Days Baliem Valley & Biak island Tour
Period of Traveling:
Aug. 07 - 13, 2008

We were amazed with the beauty and charm of Papua. That was a fabulous discovery that exceeded all our expectations brought from literature and virtual media.
Thank you Benny for your excellent guides who really created a great value of the whole trip. We shall recommend your services to our friends and hope to come to Papua once again in the future.

Maciek & Darek
[More . . ]

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Spain - 1/30/2008 5:30:36 PM

Posted By : vacation

Hi! I'm John Strass and i like your site! Thank you! [More . .]


Hungary - 12/2/2007 6:27:24 PM

Posted By : David

Good day! Thanks for your work, admin! [More . .]


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Biak regency

Biak is Indonesia's eastern gateway. During world war II, Biak was to be one of the home bases of the Allied Forces when attacking the Japanese to used Biak as defense base before finally withdraw. There were thousands of Japanese warriors killed in the island during the war, most of them bombed and burnt in the cave so-called Japanese cave. This cave is not far from town and may easily be reached by car. Besides world war remains, Biak now offers the most spectacular sea gardens in the world.

The seas around Biak are dotted by small islands that owns very beautiful varied fish and corals. Diving spots are spreaded around Padaido island, a group of small islands that is accessible from Biak by motorized boat or canoe. farther out is Rani island and neighborhood islands with more beautiful sea world. Biak is the easiest to reach as daily flights are scheduled to fly to Biak almost from any parts in Indonesia, especially from Denpasar, Jakarta Surabaya and Makasar.-

By twenty - minute flight south ward, stood another island called Yapen. This island is home to the typical birds of paradise, Parrots, cockatoos and other. On the other side, you are also challenged to explore its natural land with specific sceneries. There are several flights week either from Jayapura and Biak to Nabire,to Manokwari and to Sorong the district capital. To explore the birds community, not all can be reached by car. [Reservation | Contact Us]

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