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USA - 6/25/2009 3:46:09 PM

Posted By : Blake Langdon

5 Days / 4Nites Baliem Valley Exclusive
03 / 07 June,2009

Dear Benny,
Thank you so much for organizing a wonderful trekking trip for us in the Baliem Valley. The service by your team was friendly and well organized. We loved the beautiful mountains, rivers, and people of Papua and really appreciated the cultural experiences such as watching sweet potato cooking, seeing a mummy, participating in a traditional ceremony, and of course sleeping in huts. Thanks again for your help and services.

Best wishes,
Blake & Kerry [More . . ]


Poland - 9/9/2008 8:59:40 PM

Posted By : Maciek & Darek

07 Days Baliem Valley & Biak island Tour
Period of Traveling:
Aug. 07 - 13, 2008

We were amazed with the beauty and charm of Papua. That was a fabulous discovery that exceeded all our expectations brought from literature and virtual media.
Thank you Benny for your excellent guides who really created a great value of the whole trip. We shall recommend your services to our friends and hope to come to Papua once again in the future.

Maciek & Darek
[More . . ]

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Spain - 1/30/2008 5:30:36 PM

Posted By : vacation

Hi! I'm John Strass and i like your site! Thank you! [More . .]


Hungary - 12/2/2007 6:27:24 PM

Posted By : David

Good day! Thanks for your work, admin! [More . .]


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  About Papua  

General Information

The province of Irian Jaya or Papua stand at the eastern most part of Indonesia - next to Papua New Guinea. Irian Jaya ( Papua ) is Indonesia has been known of its famous Dani tribesmen inhabiting the Baliem Valley, the Asmat tribesmen with their unique wood carvings, rare and spectacular flora and fauna and glacier mountains. Irian ( Papua ) is also renowned of its primitive way of life, especially at the southern coast and the remote highlands.

Besides all above, Irian ( Papua ) with 414.800 square kilometers or over 20 percent of Indonesia's total land area, owns 228,000 sea miles of fine beaches. Never compare to Kuta Beach in Bali ! So you do not have to wonder why Irian Jaya also owns the most spectacular sea gardens in the world.
Its tropical rain forest and jungles are known to be very wild and impenetrable. Puncak Jaya or the so - called Carstenz Peak, one of the tallest peaks in the island, covered by everlasting snow and surrounded by Lorentz Reserve which is the largest conservation area in Indonesia, covering some 21.500 square kilometers ( 8.300 square miles ).

World War II remains during the Pacific war spread through the island of Irian Jaya and beyond. Frequently Japanese and rarely American Veterans make memorials trip to Biak, Numfor, Manokwari, Sorong, Sarmi, and Jayapura. Tank ruins, landing ships and war memorial statues are common sight in those historical areas. [Contact Us | link Exchange | Our Tour Programs] [Home]

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General Information

The province of Irian Jaya or Papua stand at the eastern most part of Indonesia - next to Papua New Guinea. Irian Jaya ( Papua ) is Indonesia has been known of its famous Dani tribesmen inhabiting the Baliem Valley [Read]



The island of Irian Jaya ( Papua ) lies at 0 19' - 10 45' south latitudes and 13045' - 14148' north attitudes. It is facing Pacific Ocean on the north [Read]



As a huge island with mountainous topography and astronomical and geographical influences, the climate is also different in every area although generally the climate is also different in area although generally the climate is tropical. Along the mountain the ridges rainforest falls [Read]



No one really knows the ancestors of the irian jaya people . on some of the friezes at Borobudur, frizzy haired men and women appear but these could just as well represent peoples from island closer to java [Read]


The People And The Way of Live

he indigenous people of Irian jaya are Melanesians with black skins and curly hair .They generally have a root crop subsistence agriculture based on sweet potatoes and taro. people in the lowlands and swamps [Read]


The Flora & Fauna

Irian jaya may have the richest wildlife and concentration of plant life in all of Indonesia, or perhaps the world. No others islands in the archipelago can match its various kind of bird [Read]


Wasior National Park

The Wasior National Park [ 4,60 square kilometers ] lies in the far south-east of Irian jaya immediately adjacent to the Tonda Reserve in Papua New Guinea [Read]



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